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Allpress Antiques was established in Melbourne during the late 1980’s. After initially running the business from home, I realised that in order to grow I needed a shop. When I originally opened at the address 1425 Malvern Road in 1990, I had only one item of furniture.

My business and stock soon flourished at a rapid pace. In light of this, I expanded the business in 1997 by leasing the property next door, making way for a much larger show room.

In 2006, I finally purchased the existing, wonderful showroom at 1419 Malvern Road. It has taken many years to build such a successful, happy and reputable business. From the workshop through to the showroom, the staff are very pleasant and professional. Now in 2016, I recently sold 1419 and have happily sized back to my original premesis at 1425. Believe me, this has been fantastic! As I am 50 in one more year, I thought I’d start to size down. However I now have 8 garages full of stock!

Finding staff and helpers of such a high standard takes many years. And the same for all our wonderful business friends and associates. I find a great deal of joy in the daily running of my business and in particular, the continuous contact with my wide circle of trusted, professional business associates within Australia and worldwide.

About Jamie

This year will be my 38th year in the antiques trade, for a 49 year old that’s a lot of years. As a child at the age of 11 in the late 70s, I was lucky to get an after school job at the local antique shop in the May school holidays, from my first day I wanted to be a dealer, not just a restorer. My boss was one of the mentors in my journey ‘Mr John Henry Walter Cockburn’, he taught me my trade as a french polisher and was an excellent old school tradesman.

Along with my schooling, I was soon working 24 hours a week for one dollar and hour, by then I knew exactly what my future would hold. I love the trade and my business, I get to meet the most interesting people from all walks of life, who all have one thing in common, an interest for beautiful furniture and decorative items.

I work with many decorators and architects in placing my pieces into homes, apartments, hotels and office foyers and regularly leases my unique stock to film sets for movies and advertising. Also to dress homes for upcoming sale…

I have recently assisted several customers in dressing their houses for sale with pleasing results and continue to build good relationships with my customers.

Take a look at my site, the archive will be gradually upgraded with the most rare and interesting pieces I have carried over the last two and a half decades of business in Malvern, I have hundreds of items in stock that will be added to this site regularly

Writing and creating are my biggest passions now in 2016. My writing ranges from Childrens books to seriously heavy stuff… I look forward to having a little more time to create my new future….