1a. All goods to be sold shall have a label or ticket attached to , or immediately adjacent to the item in question.

1b. Such labels or tickets must give as much reasonable information as possible about the goods, and this shall normally include such detail as:

2. We shall not attempt to confuse or mislead the customer or falsely describe any of the goods he/she offers for sale or seeks to purchase. He/she shall in all respects comply with the provisions of the Australian Trade Practices act and/or any State legislation of a similar nature.

3. Description details as indicated on the label and as offered verbally shall be written on a proper invoice which shall state the name, address, telephone number of the member and date of the transaction.

4. Refund policy - We do not refund on purchases. However we are always happy to trade something back or sell on consignmenmt. 5. A consignment fee of 33% is my fee, or a pre agreed fixed price.