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If you are searching for something in particular that we do not currently have in stock, we are more than happy to search for it. Given our 40 years of networking, we have been able to establish an impressive list of contacts worldwide. With this, we have the capacity to source almost any piece of furniture, art or decorative item.

You are more than welcome to visit the shop and discuss your interests with Jamie, otherwise you could contact him via 9824 8551 - 0415 555 998 or jamie@allpress-antiques.com.au


If you are selling an item of furniture or art that suits our style, don’t hesitate to visit the store or email jamie@allpress-antiques.com.au


If disposing of an item or sizing down from a house to an apartment, we are able to provide you with appropriate advice on how to do so successfully. Contact Jamie in person at the store to discuss any queries you may have.

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Restoration and Conservation

Jamie With 40 years of experience in the workshop, as a French polisher, specialising in maintaining original finishes, hand graining, colouring and wax finishes. To me conserving and restoring furniture is like therapy. I consider myself lucky in business because I have the best of both worlds, my showroom and my workshop.

Shane I have 40 years experience in the workshop and learnt the trade working along side Jamie at the same company in New Zealand. I moved to Australia a couple of years ago to further my knowlege and to gain experience in the Georgian and pre Georgian periods so it was with great pleasure to me that I rejoined Jamie at Allpress Antiques. I also have a wide depth of knowledge in Victorian, Edwardian and Deco furniture and do enjoy the work we do with Jamie’s love of early oak. I must say that the restoration and conservation methods we use at the shop are completely different to the way we restored overseas. It is less complicated and allows the true beauty of the wood to come through. There is no over restoration.