'The Donkey - Ster Sweepstakes' Engraving by Charles Hunt 1852

‘The Donkey - Ster Sweepstakes’ Engraving by Charles Hunt 1852

Painted by J.A.Fitzgerald, published London 1852

Years ago I bought this mid 19th Century English lithograph. It has sat around in my stores and found again recently.

The donkey race at the local county fair. I wonder if they’re chimney sweepers? One of my younger contempories stated, ‘He saw this in my shop window display recently, he continued to state the engraving was ‘Racist’?’ Sometimes I simply don’t understand our younger generation?

Anyway, I love this style of engraving. I removed the daggy frame, as I feel it looks much better with no interference.

H.57cm W.65cm