Restoration and French Polish Services

More ‘Before and After’ photos coming soon

Jamie Allpress and Shane Smith have been bringing pre-loved fine furniture back to life for 80 years between them. Restoring furniture in the correct way is very important.

If you would like some advice or an idea on how much a piece would cost to restore? you can visit us at our store or call 9824 8551 or email with photos of the piece -

What is French polishing?

Furniture restoration has been part of my life since the late 1970s, I started after school at the local antique shop aged 11. Now about to turn 51, thats a long time… Not over restoring is the most important aspect of my trade. It’s east to strip and repolish a piece, however doing so can ruin the originality and important patina of the piece. Retaining the original finish is what we specialise in. Its also much more affordable retoring in this way. If something is decayed too far or painted, then we can strip and re-finish the pieces, however in more of a suttle way, rather than highly restored so the piece looks new! Once we have completed restoring a piece, the shine is generally very high, however we dull back the hi shine and usually build a softer wax finish, to soften the shine and give the more well maintained look. When restoring 19th Century French furniture or Victorian pieces.we generally finish in a higher shine, suiting the period.

French polishing or wax finishing if applied correctly enhances a tired finish and brings timbers and veneers back to life. The furniture we restore can take pride of place and complete your home once again.

Services we provide

FURNITURE REPAIR Chair repair and re-gluing Broken spindle and stretcher repair or replacement Veneer re-gluing and replacement Cracks and splits filled with wood shims Repairs to chewed furniture Fabrication of missing parts Inlay and carving repair Case furniture repair Drawer runner repair Repairing broken table legs

GILDING Gold leaf Touch up Frame restoration Gesso and carving repair

FURNITURE HARDWARE Removing old polish paste Cleaning and high-lighting Full metal polishing Missing hardware replaced Keys made to fit locks Hinge repair and alignment “Antiquing” new hardware

GENERAL SERVICES In-home polishing and minor repairs Restoration estimates Pick up and delivery

REPLACEMENT SERVICES Cane seat replacement Rush seat replacement Desk leather replacement Felt replacement Glass and mirror replacement

FINISHES AND POLISHING Cleaning and basic polishing Touch up and blending in repairs Removing wax build up Waxing table tops Stain and water mark removal Scratches and gouges touched up Reconditioning existing finishes Period and hand rubbed finishes French polishing Refinishing (if needed) Oil and varnish finishes Lacquer finishes Shellac and wax finishes Painted finishes Exterior door refinishing “Antiquing” new woven seats Staining and color matching